JC Partners Co., Ltd. located in Mitaka-city Tokyo, operates Charter Japan.

Excellent Service by Professional Chauffeurs

JC Partners Co.,Ltd. operates driving for customers by CHARTER JAPAN offering chauffeur driven cars and DRIVERS TOKYO offering substitute chauffeurs.

"Professional chauffeurs drive the car for the customer by dedicate and safe service at any time."

The above is our policy.

Company Name JC Partners Co.,Ltd.
President & CEO Seizo Sakamoto
Our Office 1F DR Homes, 4-4-9, Shinkawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, 181-0004 Japan
TEL +81 42 224 6213
FAX +81 42 224 6214
Common Stock JPY 10,000,000
Year of Establishment 1990
Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Banking Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation